Superveda was founded in 1979 as a company intended for the manufacturing, distribution, installation and post-sale service distributer of new security technologies. This company seeks to remain forever alert to whatever challenge the market presents before it, with innovative projects.
Over time, strategies were formed in order to penetrate into this extremely competitive market, both nationally and internationally, presenting this company as one capable of dealing with the most demanding scenarios, having established abiding partnerships with an ample number of clients who view Superveda as an unmistakeable assurance of quality service.

Superveda is fully prepped with modern equipment, qualified and specialized staff, allowing it always achieve any goal with an elevated and expected professional attitude, the very same that its clients have become accustomed too over the course of 30 years of such high standards.

From the feedback we received from our clients, we can say that Superveda will always guarantee 3 things:

- We guarantee top quality and durability in all of our goods
- We guarantee an extremely qualified and highly experienced staff
- We guarantee the completion of any pre-established deal in time

With over 30 years of experience in both the Portuguese National market and the International market, Superveda continues to invest in its growth and evolution as a company, carrying with it a history of quality services and a philosophy of development and top preparation towards its employees, in order to guarantee constant innovation, seeking to thoroughly satisfy its clients. In 2007, with the change in its installations and, having taken a new course towards a promising future, with bold and extremely ambitious projects, Superveda sticks out, not only in the national market, but also internationally, in order to establish partnerships and mutual benefits in a market
without boundaries!


Nowadays, Superveda continues to seek out technical perfection in all of its products, through the use of a more effective service for more demanding scenarios, thus following the ever changing world of technological enhancements that shall be forever available to the international market.
With a total area of 3.200 m2, Superveda has crafted its own space, complete with a “Show Room”, available to all potential and existing clients, thus showcasing its panoply of products.

Today, the significant investment in new products and their presentation in national and international events, grant our clients undeniable proof that Superveda seeks to create partnerships and connections that should lead to mutual benefits, allowing the company to seek out leadership in the market of fences, railings, gates and security/access control systems!